It's been almost a week since the last Galaxy S8 rumor, but thanks to the folks at Sammobile, we now know of another feature that could be making its way to Samsung's flagship handset. It seems the S8 could be the first smartphone to incorporate the new Bluetooth 5 standard.

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) recently announced that the latest Bluetooth 5 standard has been adopted. Improvements over the older 4.2 standard include four times the range, two times the speed, and eight times the message capacity, allowing a more robust and reliable connection. It also improves interoperability and coexistence with other wireless technologies.

While the SIG is pushing Bluetooth 5 primarily as a way of advancing the IoT experience, the new protocol will also make its way into smartphones. The group said it expects to see products built with Bluetooth 5 within two to six months of last week's announcement, which lines up with the Galaxy S8's predicted release date.

The last couple of months have brought the rumors that the S8 will come in two sizes: a 5.7-inch version and a massive 6.2-inch variant. Given what happened with the Note 7, there's a chance Samsung could offer a phablet-sized S8, despite confirming that there will be a Galaxy Note 8 next year.

The handset is also rumored to sport a pair of stereo speakers, have a bezel-less display with a virtual home button under the glass, and lack a headphone jack in favor of a USB type-C connector. We'll be at Mobile World Congress in February to find out which ones turn out to be accurate.