Before an app can hit the marketplace, it needs to be tested for functionality, and that's why automated testers are in hot demand. Experts in streamlining the app testing process, these professionals are paid handsomely to get a company's app to market, and becoming one is easier than you think.

For just $41, the Web App Automation Testing with Selenium Bundle can help you join the ranks of these in-demand pros with over 80 hours of training in today's top automated testing tools.

Boasting five comprehensive courses, this collection will show you how to use tools like Selenium Webdriver to write automation frameworks that speed up the app testing process. You'll get hands-on training creating debugging scripts, and you'll explore database testing, performance testing, and behavior-driven testing. Make your way through it all, and you'll have the tools you need to streamline the app development process.

This collection will also have you diving into training with Java and C#. With this experience in hand, you'll have no problem bolstering your tech resume and impressing during your next interview.

The Web App Automation Testing with Selenium Bundle usually retails for $549, but TechSpot readers can take over 90% off and get the collection on sale for only $41.