Iran is up there with China when it comes to placing restrictions on its citizens’ gaming and online activities. The Middle Eastern nation banned Pokémon Go last summer over unspecified security concerns. Now, its attention has turned to another popular mobile title: Clash of Clans.

It’s been reported that an Iranian government body, reacting to reports from psychologists, want the mobile game banned because it encourages violence, tribal war, and is extremely addictive.

Supercell’s title was found to be particularly harmful to Iran’s younger generation. The committee warned it could have negative effects on family life if teenagers became addicted to the game.

The majority of members from the Committee for Determining Instances of Criminal Content have recommended the game be blocked. A survey from earlier this year suggested that around 64 percent of mobile owners in Iran played Clash of Clans.

Local fan sites reported that players were struggling to access the game after the restrictions were brought in on December 27. Some reports say an age limit will be introduced, but right now the block is affecting everyone, according to the BBC.

One month after the hit augmented reality mobile title was released, Iran became the first country to ban Pokémon Go over concerns about its location-based gameplay. Other games banned in Iran include 1979 Revolution: Black Friday for being "pro-American propaganda," and Battlefield 3 for its depiction of US soldiers invading Tehran.

As was the case Pokémon Go, some Iranian Clash of Clans players are already using VPNs to circumvent the restrictions.