Super Mario Odyssey was arguably the star of Nintendo's recent Switch console presentation. Unfortunately for eager gamers, it won't be a launch title when Nintendo's next system arrives on March 3. In fact, the new Mario platformer won't be ready until later this year at the earliest.

What's a plumber to do in the meantime, you ask? Grow some lanky legs and visit Grand Theft Auto's Liberty City, apparently.

The hilarious - yet at the same time, creepy -  video from YouTube user CrowbCat was put together using a handful of mods for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV. It depicts a super-sized Mario who isn't quite as graceful with his acrobatics as we're used to.

Whether it's flying a helicopter, pissing off gang members, taking out the trash or getting a lap dance, it's clear that the Italian plumber is having wayyy too much fun in Liberty City.

Here's to hoping Nintendo doesn't shut this down before everyone gets a chance to enjoy it. Great job, CrowbCat.

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