Last week brought reports that Donald Trump had handed over his beloved Android device in exchange for a secure, encrypted handset as he prepared to become the 45th President of the United States. But the same publication that first revealed the news – The New York Times – now says he is still using the old Galaxy handset he likes to Tweet from.

The article, which looks at the President’s first few days in the White House, claims that Trump continues to use his “old, unsecured” Android phone – thought to be a Samsung Galaxy S3 from 2012 – despite protests from his aides.

The Times writes that Trump sent out a Tweet from the handset yesterday, in which the President appeared to be responding to a report on the Bill O’Reilly show about the crime rate in Chicago.

The danger of cyberattacks saw former president Obama issued with a phone so limited in its functions that he compared it to a “3-year-old’s play phone.” He reportedly had another phone, which also had extra security features, that was used for those rare Tweets from the official presidential account.

If the report is accurate, then it’s another potential cybersecurity issue on the part of the Trump administration – yesterday saw reports claiming senior staffers have been using private email accounts, a practice that many say cost Hillary Clinton the election.

Trump did praise the White House’s phones in the Times interview, calling them “the world’s most secure system.” He said that “The words just explode in the air,” referring to the fact that nobody was listening or recording his conversations.