Verizon over the weekend announced that from Monday, it would once again offer an unlimited data plan some five years after originally doing away with them. Unsurprisingly, T-Mobile has something to say about it.

As the nation’s third largest wireless provider and the industry’s top disrupter, T-Mobile on Monday mocked Verizon for its rollout of an unlimited data plan. Verizon’s stance not all that long ago was that people weren’t interested in unlimited data plans and that it felt most would be suited with 5GB of data per month but I digress.

In retaliation, T-Mobile as of February 17 (this Friday) is including HD video streaming and 10GB of mobile tethering as part of its T-Mobile One unlimited plan. As it stands today, video with the base T-Mobile One option streams at 480 (DVD) quality and hotspots are limited to 3G speeds although you can pay more for upgrades.

T-Mobile says the new features will be available at no extra charge to existing customers but they will need to activate them in the T-Mobile app or online at T-Mobile’s website.

Also, starting Friday, T-Mobile will be offering new and existing customers the option to open two lines of T-Mobile One service with monthly taxes and fees all included for $100 per month. T-Mobile last month had announced that it was going with singular pricing in which all hidden fees and taxes are rolled into the advertised price of its plans.

Now, if we could just get AMD and Intel to compete like this again, we’d be in business.