YouTube user Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known by his online personal PewDiePie, has published a video response to both Disney and YouTube parting ways with him over anti-Semitic content in some of his videos.

In the clip, Kjellberg said he is sorry for the words he used as he knows they offended people and the joke itself went too far. Kjellberg reiterated that his intention with the most recent controversial video was to show how stupid it is that you can pay someone five bucks to do almost anything.

Kjellberg adds that he does strongly believe that you can joke about anything but there's also a right way and a "not the best way" to go about it. He loves to push boundaries, he said, but considers himself a rookie comedian and has definitely made mistakes like this before. Like other times, this will be a growing and learning experience, he said.

PewDiePie wasn't in full-on apology mode, however, as he took aim squarely at the media with claims that they simply don't like him and only focus on how much money he makes from his content. Old school media, he said, doesn't like Internet personalities because they have so much influence and such a large voice.

In the end, Kjellberg thanked everyone that has supported him and promises that he's "still here" and "still making videos."