LG will be revealing its new flagship handset, the G6, at Mobile World Congress on Sunday, which means the leaks are coming thick and fast. We already know about its 18:9 FullVision display and the benefits it brings; now, more images of the device have arrived.

Renowned leaker Evan Blass posted the full press renders on Twitter yesterday, giving us a good look at the front and back of the phone. Notice how it has smaller bezels than its G5 predecessor, and the corners of its 5.7-inch screen are rounded.

As we saw in earlier renders, the fingerprint scanner is on the back of the G6, which resulted in several Twitter users pointing out the resemblance to a shocked face.

Another leaked image appeared online recently, this one from Chinese microblogging site Weibo. It shows what is purported to be a real G6 next to last year's G5, giving you an idea of the differences between the two models. While the phone on the right could be a convincing fake, it does look similar to the press renders.

Like many upcoming flagship smartphones, the G6's smaller bezels give users more screen space without noticeably increasing the overall size of the handset.

The G6 comes with a Snapdragon 821 SoC, a 2880x1440 resolution, and features an update UI - UX 6.0 - that takes advantage of the FullVision display in certain apps. The camera app, for example, lets you place Instagram-style, 1:1 format photos on one side of the screen while letting you review those you've already taken on the other.

We'll find out more about the G6 at LG's press conference on February 26