Samsung at the annual Baselworld Watch and Jewelry Show this week is showcasing a trio of new wearable concepts based on its Gear S3 smartwatch.

The first is designed to look like a standard Gear S3 but is actually a traditional watch with Swiss-made movement and detail while the other is an updated take on the Gear S3 featuring higher-quality finishes. It’s the third device – a hybrid pocket watch concept – that has the Internet talking.

All three were developed in collaboration with Swiss luxury watch designer Yvan Arpa who was also involved in the original Gear S3 design process.

Arpa said Samsung’s presence at Baselworld demonstrates the evolving world of technology and horology (the study and measurement of time), adding that the South Korean electronics maker is committed to delivering quality craftsmanship in all of its products to reflect the heritage and evolution of the watch industry.

I’ve never been all that “into” watches (and especially smartwatches) but the first concept with the “Swiss-made movement and detail” looks incredibly impressive and is something I would sport in an instant. The pocket watch concept isn’t really my cup of tea but I can see the appeal, especially among those who are into the steampunk style.

Unfortunately, these are only concepts meaning you can’t run out and buy one. With enough interest, however, perhaps Samsung will change its mind?

Baselworld 2017 runs through March 30 in Switzerland.