Front facing cameras on smartphones are starting to gain attention as mobile users take more and more selfies. Unfortunately, there's not a lot you can do with the image once you take it. Adobe and their Sensei artificial intelligence department have released a trailer for a new selfie Photoshop style app they have in development as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud. While they haven't released any real details other than the demo shown in the video, it's still fun to watch.

The subject starts by taking an admittedly pretty bad looking selfie. He then adjusts a few sliders that adjust the lighting, depth of field, head position, and a few more small tweaks. Once that 'dad selfie' to 'Kardashian work of art' transformation is complete, he switches to adjusting the overall photo style. This feature is quite interesting as it allows you to copy the style from a sample photograph over to your newly taken image. This includes things like lighting patterns and coloring and can give your new photo the look and feel of any other photo you choose.

Adobe made the code for this "Deep Photo Style Transfer" open source and it is available on GitHub for interested developers. The photos and transformations it produces are quite stunning. On the left is the source image, the middle is the image with the style being imitated, and the right is the output image.