We got our first teaser picture of Android co-founder Andy Rubin's handset last month. The device comes from his new company, Essential, and seems to follow the modern trend of bezel-less phones. Now, the Essential FIH-PM1's specs have appeared on GFXBench.

First spotted by Russian site Mobiltelefon, the handset comes with Android 7.0, a 2.2 GHz Octa-core Qualcomm processor (Snapdragon 835), 4GB of RAM, a 12MP 4K rear camera and an 8MP front snapper that's also capable of recording in 4K. All of which sound pretty impressive, especially as the handset is said to cost around $649 when it arrives in the middle of this year.

Some of GFXBench's other specs are obviously a bit off. While smartphone screens are getting ever larger, the FIH-PM1 won't have the stated 18-inch display, which would certainly make portability a problem; it's thought to measure 5.5 inches.

Like the Galaxy S8 (2960 x 1440) and LG's G6 (2880 x 1440), Essential's device comes with an unusual resolution due to the bezel-free display. In this case, it's 2560 x 1312.

It will also come with more than the stated 10GB of storage, though the true figure is suspected to be just 16GB, which isn't a lot - 32GB is now considered not enough for a smartphone.

The final specifications may change before the Essential hits the market. It'll be interesting to see if any of the rumored features not mentioned here, like the modular ports, help make it a compelling, and much cheaper, alternative to the flagship smartphones.