Elon Musk has shared a concept video of how the underground tunnels that his new company, The Boring Company, wants to build. The vision involves a network of elevators resembling parking spots alongside the street, which would be used to lower vehicles into the tunnels. People wouldn't actually drive through these tunnels but will instead be shuttled at high speeds on a platform, or "car skate".

Although it seemingly started as a joke out of Musk's frustration with traffic in Los Angeles, quipping that the slogan of the company would be "Boring, it's what we do", he actually has inters working on the project part time and is already starting to dig a hole underneath the parking lot of SpaceX's headquarters.

During the unveiling today Musk said that there are still important challenges to be overcome for that vision to become a reality. For one thing, tunnel-boring is a very slow and expensive endeavor. Machines today dig the tunnels about half the time and spend the other half reinforcing those tunnels, so Musk wants to build one that can do both concurrently and faster.

"We have a pet snail named Gary," he said. "Gary is capable of currently going 14 times faster than a tunnel boring machine. We want to beat Gary. He's not a patient little fellow, that will be victory."

The timeline or feasibility for this project isn't clear but Musk is indeed working on it.