Apple is extending repair coverage for the Smart Keyboard designed for use with the iPad Pro. The ultra-thin keyboard has been around since September 2015 and apparently is starting to exhibit "certain functional issues," according to 9-To-5Mac.

Some of the problems users have encountered are sticking or repeating keys, difficulties with the sensor, connectivity issues, and keys that have stopped working altogether. In response to the complaints, Apple has made adjustments to its servicing policy for the keyboards.

All Apple products are cover by a standard one-year limited warranty. Many of the first Smart Keyboards sold are just now reaching that age, and many are beginning to fail much to the dismay of customers who spent up to $170 on the accessory according to Business Insider. An internal memo obtained by 9-To-5 indicated that the tech innovator is extending its warranty period for an additional two years.

While repair of the product is what Apple service policies guarantee, the company often exchanges warranty claims for new or refurbished replacements. Recently, the the screens on Series One Apple Watches have begun to blow out due to battery swell and reports have been that the turn around time has been a mater of a few days. This would seem to indicate that the company is replacing the damaged watches rather than repairing them. So users who send their Smart Keyboard in for repair should not be surprised to get a brand new or refurbished one as a replacement to expedite the claim process.

"Apple will also be issuing refunds to customers that previously paid for a replacement for keyboards eligible under the new program," said 9-To-5Mac.

In other words, if you have already replaced your Smart Keyboard because of these problems, the company will refund you your money.

The memo indicates that the covered devices only includes the 12.9-inch model released in late 2015 and the 9.7-inch produced in early 2016. Apple Customer Care should be able to answer any questions about qualifying Smart Keyboards and refund requests.