Prey, the new first-person action-adventure game from developer Arkane Studios and publisher Bethesda Softworks, hasn't even been on the market for a full week but has already developed a solid following among the speedrunning community.

One particularly impressive run comes from YouTube user DraQu who recently managed to complete the entire game in less than 20 minutes (19:34, to be exact). As you'll see in the clip above, the speedrunner largely relies on one of the game's early weapons - the GLOO Cannon - to complete the run along with several glitches and other tricks to expedite things.

Some techniques may look a bit sketchy but as Engadget highlights, it's all within the confines of the game and technically isn't cheating.

While impressive, the speedrun does include a handful of sections that give DraQu some issues and result in extra time ticking off the clock. A more polished run that's void of these few small hiccups will no doubt bring the time down even further.

It's also worth noting that the speedrun is ripe with spoilers. If you haven't yet played through the entire game but plan to, it is probably best if you skip the video... at least, for now.