When it comes to enthusiast PC cases, you’re spoilt for choice. We still rate the be quite! Dark Base Pro 900 as our favorite, but products from Corsair and Phanteks aren’t far behind. Another high-end case to make our list is Cooler Master’s Cosmos II, which is now getting a revamped 25th Anniversary Edition that comes with some new features.

To celebrate the fact that the Taiwan-based component manufacturer has been around since 1992, it’s updating the Cosmos II with something fans have long asked for: windowed side panels.

Cooler Master has listened to pleas and responded with a version of its famous case that includes two curved, tempered glass side panels that can unlock and swing open, much like the doors on a luxury car. The company claims these are the first of their kind.

"Innovation is Cooler Master's legacy, brought to life once more with these massive tempered glass panels, the first of their kind. These beautifully crafted panels blend seamlessly with the sophisticated contours of the case and give a smooth look inside the case to show off your build," Cooler Master said.

The 25th Anniversary Edition also comes with an updated design that boasts two distinctive brushed aluminum handles and a soft brushed aluminum sheen on the front and top panels. You also get an Advanced Control Panel that can be accessed by sliding back the top panel cover, and a stack of hot-swappable drive bays hidden behind the front slide panel.

While many high-end cases are filled with RGB lighting, Cooler Master has stuck with just blue for its 200mm front LED fan and magnetic strip light.

If you already own a Cosmos II and long for the Anniversary Edition’s side panels but don’t want to buy the new case, Cooler Master has you covered. It will be offering just the doors, which can be attached to the older case, as a separate product sometime in Q3, though there’s no word on the price.

The Cosmos II Anniversary Edition is coming to Europe at the end of June and costs 349 Euros. The company hasn’t said when it’ll arrive in the US, or how much it will be, but a direct conversion works out at around $390.