For all the positive reviews, the Nintendo Switch isn't a device renowned for its durability. There have been reports of the screen scratching when it's placed into the dock, problems with the left Joy-Con controller, and the main unit warping when docked for extended periods. So, you wouldn't expect the console/portable hybrid to survive a 1000-foot drop - yet somehow it does.

YouTube channel UnlockRiver attached a Switch to a drone using tape and a cord. Once the UAV reached the 1000 feet mark, Nintendo's console was released and slammed into the concrete parking lot below. The flying debris when it lands suggests the device has been annihilated, but, amazingly, it still works.

Assuming this isn't some clever fake, because the internet's full of those, it's pretty incredible to see that the only damage is the broken left Joy-Con, which took the brunt of the impact. Even the screen remains intact.

Most modern devices, particularly those with screens, aren't known for their ruggedness. My colleague Tim Schiesser broke his Galaxy S7 Edge when it dopped from about 11 - 15 inches onto the side of a plastic box, whereas dropping my own S7 Edge from about 10 inches left me without a smartphone for a month. The Switch isn't as delicate as Samsung's phone, of course, but surviving a 1000-foot fall is unexpected, to say the least.

Despite the video's revelations, it's probably best that you don't start playing catch with your Switch. As GameSpot notes, another YouTube channel, GizmoSlip, broke theirs after dropping it from 5 feet, though it did take 11 attempts, four of which were screen-side down drops.