Final Fantasy VII, which you can still pick up for cheap, was arguably one of the most iconic video games ever produced. In fact, it was so loved, it is the only game in the series that received a direct sequel, and it might be getting the reboot that Square Enix teased fans with at E3 2015, if the company can get its act together.

There were so many memorable moments in Final Fantasy VII on the PlayStation for me that it is hard to pick just one. I remember how amazed I was when I saw the first advertisement for it. I was even more shocked when I saw an actual trailer for it, which was rare in those days of 56K dial-up internet. I remember the boss, Sephiroth making me cuss and throw my controller and taking me around four hours to finally beat him.

However, picking only one, I would have to say that the death of Aeris was my most memorable moment. Some critics considered her whole character a waste since she dies so early in the game, but for me it was genius. Not only was she integral to the story's first act, but her powers and limit breaks were also awesome. Plus, she had a very likable personality. All of this combined with the story drew the player in, and you ended up genuinely caring about her.

So when she died in Cloud's arms after Sephiroth struck her down, it was truly an emotional moment. Now I am not going to say I cried, but ... Okay, I cried. But the point is, that moment is probably the single most memorable moment I have ever experienced in any video game.

Whether it was a boss fight, a character, the graphics, or anything else; what is your most memorable video game moment?