It's been little over six month since Microsoft launched the Surface Keyboard but the company is already planning a successor. A new Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID was spotted in the Microsoft Store, listed as "coming soon", and appears to be nearly identical to its predecessor save for a couple of updates: it has a fingerprint reader integrated into the second Windows key on the right-hand side of the keyboard, and it offers the ability to use a cable for a wired connection instead of wireless.

The keyboard matches the latest Surface models in design, with a silver and gray finish, "Chiclet"-style keys and aluminum frame that's heavy and "virtually indestructible" according to Microsoft.

It ships with two AAA batteries that can last up to two months when used wirelessly over a Bluetooth 4.0 connection, and are recharged if used over a wired connection.

While it's optimized to work with Windows 10, it also works with Windows 8.x, Android, iOS and macOS. Microsoft specifically calls out Windows 7 as being incompatible. The biometric functionality is likely Windows 10 only, however. It can be used to log into Windows 10 or websites using Windows Hello.

The Modern keyboard will be priced at $129.99 when it becomes available, slightly higher than the $99.99 Surface Keyboard. Microsoft will also be selling a $50 Modern Mouse, which appears to be a rebranded version of the existing Surface Mouse.