During the chaos that defines E3, it is easy to get lost in the demos, trailers, and hype of the multitude of big titles coming down the pipe. It is usually not until E3 is well over that we have time to sit down and process what we saw. One question that inevitably comes up after E3 is, how many games were confirmed for each platform?

With the rise in popularity of console gaming, we have seen a sharp increase in the number of titles coming out on consoles, even surpassing PC titles in the past few years. Console exclusive titles have ended up edging out the PC in past E3s. For example, at E3 2016, PlayStation had 32 exclusive titles confirmed, Xbox had eight, and PC had only three games that were available exclusively.

This year, PS4's showing was not as impressive as last year at only 15 exclusive titles, but according to GameCrate, the PC had the most games in total (exclusive and shared) at E3. The PS4 and XB1 had 47 and 43 titles shown respectively, while a total of 53 titles were confirmed for PC. The reason that PC had the most games this year is thanks to Microsoft sharing Xbox One exclusives with Windows 10 PCs.

"All in all, It looks like the PC should be the platform of choice for those interested in accessing the widest array of big games in the coming year and beyond."

Like the PS4, the Xbox One had 15 would-be exclusive titles at this year's show. However, those games were not truly exclusive to Xbox since all of them will be made available on Windows 10. Add to those shared exclusives, games that will be PC-only like Total War: Warhammer 2, Griftlands, and Battletech, and it is easy to see how the PC pulled ahead of both consoles this year in total game offerings.

The PC will always have its own exclusive titles as will PlayStation 4, but with Microsoft giving up Xbox One exclusivity to share with Windows 10, it looks like the PC master race, will remain on the top of the pile in the variety of games offered each year.