Some people change their screensaver more often than they change their socks. Others just set it and forget it. I fall into the later category. I will go for years without changing my screensaver.

For example, my current laptop screensaver is a homemade version of Dexter Morgan’s from the Showtime series Dexter. I just looked on the internet for the blood spatter images that they used on the show, put them in a folder, selected it, and set the screensaver to Ken Burns. It’s exactly like it was on Dexter's lab computer. It has been that way since 2012 when I was binge watching the series on Netflix.

My desktop is another story. I mean, I tend to set it and forget about it on the desktop, too. However, I share that computer with the rest of the family. The screensaver gets changed often, mostly by the kids, but I will change it once in a while. I usually set it to dadisms like, bouncing text that says, “Clean your room,” or “You better have done your homework.” Although I have been known to prank them with a BSOD screensaver. Right now I think its set to a slideshow of pictures of our cat (that would be the daughter's doing).

What is your screensaver right now? How long has it been that way? Perhaps you don't even use a screensaver. If so, why not?