Have you ever wondered which fictional characters would win a fight? Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is a sandbox game that can help answer just that question.

As the controller of all battles, you can spawn a wide variety of troops to engage in combat against one another. Want to see a giant army of trolls battle some medieval soldiers? Consider it done. Orcs fighting Roman Centurions? No problem. While it may not be much of a fight, a dozen knights in shining armor against an army of chickens can also be simulated if you so desire.

Setting up large armies for combat can be fun, but large simulations can get rather lengthy. There is no need to get up and walk away from your keyboard though. Instead, join right in on the action by taking control of a character on either side of the battlefield to help out one side.

One of the best parts of the game is the fact that the developer does not impose any limits on how many units you can add to a single battle. A suggested limit of 10,000 units is in place, but that will not stop you from running combat scenarios with hundreds of thousands of troops.

There are some limitations to this game as it is only a few months old, but if you are interested in trying out some simulated battles yourself, Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is available on Steam.

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