No matter how careful you are with your electronics and other personal belongings, at some point you have probably forgotten something in your car or at home. Now, you might want to be a little more careful about leaving your precious belongings in an Uber vehicle.

If you leave something behind in an Uber, getting it back is now going to cost you an additional $15 and optionally a tip to thank the driver for returning something irreplaceable or just expensive to replace.

This move is part of an ongoing effort known as 180 Days of Change by Uber to improve both customer and driver satisfaction as well as fixing their own reputation after controversy over whether Travis Kalanick should remain the CEO.

Some may see this is purely as taking advantage of customers, but Uber claims this move was made to ensure that drivers are being fairly compensated for their work. Uber states that "on average, a driver returns 11 lost items a year," which accounts for a significant amount of time spent driving without being paid.

Rival company Lyft has made no comment regarding this change by Uber and has not expressed any plans to implement a similar charge at this time. In addition to the new item return fee, less than perfect ratings for drivers will now require a reason. If Uber determines the reason for a low rating was out of the driver's control, the rating will not be factored in to their overall performance score.