We all understand the importance of using a surge protector to power our electronics, but how many times have our tech collections outgrown the number of plugs available? OneAdaptr's Stack 6-Port Modular Surge Protector lets you add extra ports to keep up with your charging demands.

Featuring six US AC outlets, built-in surge protection, and circuit breaker as well as a USB charging block, this bundle has what it takes to charge all your devices. The surge protector is designed with Stack sockets' award-winning 4-pin connection system, offering next-level flexibility as your charging needs grow. The device is extendable as much as you need and can be outfitted with additional sockets for TV antennas, telephones, and LAN surge protectors, offering even more versatility.

You can get the Stack 6-Port Modular bundle with USB charging module for $47.