Arguably the best way to stay safe online is to use a password manager, and one of the most popular of these is LastPass. The company, whose software is used by millions, has just revealed its pricing plan for the families feature announced last month, but there's bad news for those on its premium tier: It's now doubled in price.

LastPass families - set to go live "this summer" - expands on the current family feature that allows several users with paid accounts to access a single folder. The new version offers unlimited shared folders along with full control view permissions for up to 6 family members.

There's also a new feature called "family backup plan." It allows private information such as passwords, logins, social security numbers, medical details, and more to be stored in one place. Family members can be granted emergency access to the data, should they ever need it.

Once it's available, users can subscribe to the families tier for $48 per year. One person manages the plan and can add or remove other managers and family members as they see fit.

Those that subscribe to LastPass' premium tier have praised its $12 per year fee, but that price has now doubled to $24. Moving from $1 per month to $2 may not seem like a lot, and it's still cheaper than many other password managers' premium services - they're usually around the $3 p/month mark - but the fact LastPass isn't offering anything new to justify the hike has angered users.

In what is doubtlessly a way to encourage people onto the premium tier, the unlimited access and emergency access features from the Free service are now only available to paid-for members, though Free users won't lose emergency access if they have already selected an emergency contact.

"We want to empower users like you to take back control of your passwords and your online security. This lineup gives you the foundation to do so, from keeping track of your own passwords to managing and securing your family's digital life," writes the company.