Tile, makers of the Bluetooth "key finder" by the same name, has constantly improved its product line since debuting through a crowdfunding campaign several years back. Today, it launches what - at least, on paper - appears to be the best Tile yet.

The new Tile Pro series is offered in two designs - the rugged Tile Sport in a dark slate color and the Tile Style in a satin white finish. Like earlier designs, both feature holes that allow them to easily be attached to your keychain, backpack or anything else with a loop.

More impressive, however, are the changes that have been made under the proverbial hood.

Tile Sport and Tile Style both offer a Bluetooth range of up to 200 feet which is more than double the range of existing models. The new trackers are also waterproof up to 1.5 meters deep for 60 minutes, twice as loud as earlier versions and offer both volume adjustments and new ringtones - great news considering the model I purchased back in 2014 was prohibitively quiet.

Tile's proximity meter has been redesigned as well to improve tracking accuracy.

My other big complaint with the original Tile has to do with the battery. It's non-removable and can't be recharged meaning once it dies, your Tile is useless. It appears as though the company still hasn't cracked that nut as you'll have to pony up for a new tracker when its battery is exhausted after about a year. Wireless charging would work wonders here but would understandably increase the cost (and decrease how often a faithful customer purchases a new tracker).

Tile Sport and Tile Style are available as of writing priced at $35 individually or $60 for a pack of two.