If it's engrossing enough, you can find yourself lost in gameplay for hours and wonder where all the time went.

A few of the games I have spent a considerable amount of time playing include anything in the Grand Theft Auto franchise (particularly GTA 5) Borderlands 2, Fallout 4, Diablo 3 and Skyrim.

Even though Skyrim is almost six years old, I always find myself coming back to it. Most of my time playing the game has been on the PS3 version although I have logged a fair amount on PS4 since the remaster came out.

All totaled between both versions and spread across seven different characters, I have played Skyrim for 938 hours (and have the save files to prove it). What I don't have are the save files of all the characters that I played for a while but deleted (if included, they would put me over the 1,000-hour mark).

What is the one single-player game that you have spent the most time on? Multiplayer games don't count because we all know someone who has played WoW for a gazillion hours.

Top Image by Karasin Group