With the advent of high-dynamic-range imaging and 4K resolutions, watching your favorite TV shows and movies at home has never been so good. But for those who value display size above all else, Epson has just announced the Home LS100 Laser Display, an ultra short-throw projector that can produce a 10-foot image on a screen or wall.

The ‘ultra short-throw’ part means the device works even when it’s extremely close to the projection wall; no need to attach it to the ceiling or place it in the middle of the room like some other projectors. And while $3000 sounds like a lot for something that's limited to 1080p, many 120-inch televisions can reach into five- or six-figure sums.

The LS100 does boast some impressive specs. Its 2,500,000:1 contrast ratio gives some very deep blacks and vivid colors, especially for a projector, and the 4000 lumens of brightness means you should get a vibrant picture (comparable to an LCD screen) even when viewing it with “the lights on and the shades open,” according to Epson. It also comes with three HDMI inputs.

"The Home Cinema LS100 Digital Laser Display is designed to allow people to enjoy life-size images in Full HD up to 10 feet diagonal," writes the company. "All at a fraction of the cost of a 120-inch traditional flat panel display."

As it uses laser technology rather than a lamp, the projector has a lifetime of around 20,000 hours, which equates to around ten years if you use it for 4 hours every day. It also has instant-on and instant-off functions, which means no waiting for it to warm up or cool down.

For those who want a short-throw projector capable of 10-foot images but simply can’t do without 4K and HDR, there’s always Sony’s VPL-VZ1000ES. Sadly, it costs around $22,000 more than Epson’s device.

The Epson Home Cinema LS100 Digital Laser Display will be available for $2,999.99 from Amazon and other retailers this fall.