Logitech is going full-on retro with its latest peripheral. The PC and mobile accessory maker on Wednesday announced the MX Ergo, a wireless trackball-style mouse. Yeah, remember those?

The MX Ergo is the first new [innovative] trackball from Logitech in nearly a decade. The pointer is said to reduce muscular strain by 20 percent compared to a standard mouse and thanks to its adjustable hinge, users can increase the angle from zero to 20 degrees for improved wrist posture and pronation.

Logitech’s trackball offers the ability to instantly change cursor speed and accuracy at the push of a button for optimal control (there’s even an LED that lights up when “precision” mode is activated). It’s also compatible with Logitech Easy-Switch and Logitech Flow software for multi-computer use.

Logitech says the battery should last up to four months on a single charge and can provide a full day of work with just one minute of charge should you find yourself low on power.

The MX Ergo is launching later this month priced at $99.99. You’ll be able to pick it up from Logitech’s website and at select retailers in North America. There’s also an exclusive “Plus” edition in the works that’ll be sold at Best Buy for the same price although it’s unclear what’s different about it.