While Google's ARCore project may have started as a response to Apple's ARKit, it's already been the catalyst for a number of unique (and fantastic) community creations including everything from fire-breathing AR dragons to hand-drawn virtual highways (which real robots can ride on).

However, Google isn't content to sit back and let its community have all the fun. Today, Daydream Labs (the tech giant's VR R&D team) published a blog post to show off a few of their favorite internal augmented reality projects.

Two of these prototypes involve upgrades and tweaks to Google's innovative Street View technology. The first allows users to zoom into a holographic British Museum, after which they will be transported to a panoramic view of Great Russell Street (directly in front of the museum).

The second project aims to revamp the way users navigate the platform. Instead of clicking on arrows or designated points to get around, one can simply walk around in the real world to shift their virtual position in Street View.

Another interesting AR prototype that Google is working on is geared towards architects, allowing them to overlay 3D house models on top of real-world construction projects to demonstrate what a finished home might look like in the future.

In addition to the projects mentioned above, Daydream Labs is experimenting with an augmented reality version of their VR Espresso Trainer app, depth-of-field and background desaturation for floating AR objects and more accurate indoor position tracking.

If you want to see more clips of Google's ARCore project in action, head over to the official website.