PlayStation's platinum trophies are among the most coveted as they require a player earn every trophy in a game to obtain. Collecting platinum takes patience and a certain amount of obsessive-compulsiveness that many gamers simply do not have.

PlayStation Australia has recognized this rare type of player and is now giving away physical replicas of the iconic PlayStation platinum trophy to those who earn them quickly in certain games.

The competition, called “PlayStation Plus Platinum Hunters,” starts tomorrow (September 26) with the game FIFA 18. Although FIFA 18 does not officially launch until September 29, the contest is starting on Tuesday for those with early access pre-orders.

To qualify for the replica award, you must achieve platinum in the game and then share the screenshot of your achievement to Facebook or Twitter. For the entry to be official, you must use the #PlusPlatinumHunters hashtag in your post or tweet. You must also tag PlayStation Australia (@PlayStationAU on Twitter) and be sure that the visibility of the post is set to ‘Public.'

Four trophies are up for grabs in total, FIFA 18 just being the first. Gran Turismo Sport, Call of Duty: WWII and another unannounced title will have contests as well. Individual competitions start on or around the release date of each game and run for several months if necessary (FIFA entries close on March 31, 2018, for example).

Do not be mistaken; this is not a sweepstakes where the winner is determined by drawing. The winner of each trophy will be the first one to turn in a valid qualifying entry. In other words, it's a race.

“The Competition is a game of skill, and chance plays no part in determining the Winner,” says the contest’s Terms and Conditions.

That said, the six-month duration is only a maximum time limit. If someone turns in a verified platinum before then, the contest is over.

Unfortunately, the competition is only open to Australian residents with current PlayStation Plus memberships. Where is the love for the rest of the world, Sony?

The Call of Duty: WWII competition begins on November 3, the same day the game launches. Gran Turismo Sport releases on October 17 with its contest starting on the following day.