Anyone who played 2014's excellent South Park: The Stick of Truth will know that farting played an important role in the RPG. But for the soon to be released sequel, The Fractured But Whole, the development team wants to put players' actual butt burps into the game.

Up until October 16, people have the chance for one of their duck calls to be immortalized in the upcoming South Park title. Following the Dragonshout, Cup-a-Spell, Sneaky Squeaker, and Nagasaki that appeared in the first game, the sequel's protagonist - New Kid --- also boasts a range of weaponized air bagels. Only this time, their sounds could have started life in a real player's digestive system.

For those with no qualms about the world judging their fog horns, head over to this site and record the best, loudest gas blaster you've ever produced. A professional jury will judge the ten finalists during the last stage, and the winner gets flown out to Ubisoft's San Francisco Studios, where the sound of their emissions will be recorded, and they can watch the dev team integrate it into the game.

Sadly, the competition is only open to over-18s who are residents of France, Great Britain, Australia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, and the Netherlands --- no mention of the US. The winner will be announced on October 23, which is after the October 17 release date, meaning the sound won't appear in the game at launch.

Last month, the Fracture But Whole hit the headlines when reports claimed that making a character's skin darker would increase the difficulty level. This caused some controversy, but Ubisoft later clarified that it was all a joke. As Cartman explains in the character creation tool, the choice "doesn't affect combat. Just every other aspect of your whole life."

The Fractured But Whole ran into more controversy recently following the release of its Game Is Gold trailer, which you can see below.