In part of the ongoing investigation into the Equifax security breach, private security firm Mandiant has finished its first round of forensic data collection and analysis.

New findings show that an additional 2.5 million US consumers have likely had their personal information exposed, bringing the total number up to 145.5 million people affected by the breach. Fortunately for those living abroad, the security audit indicates that no databases outside of the United States have been affected.

Canadian consumers actually are receiving some good news from the completion of Mandiant's findings. Original estimates placed 100,000 Canadian citizens at risk, but the now revealed numbers show only around 8,000 Canadian consumers who may be affected. A written notice is being sent to all Canadians who are potentially at risk.

Customers from United Kingdom have not yet been notified with confirmation of compromised data because analysis of results is taking place locally in a joint effort with UK regulators. Anyone impacted by the Equifax breach should be notified by mail. The dedicated website for checking if your personal information is affected will be updated by October 8th with the new findings.

In wake of the security problems that Equifax has faced, the company claims to be doing all it can to improve its long-term security. This may be a case of too little too late, but an attempt to save face is better than none at all.