Intel recently published a product change notification relating to its Pentium G series processors. As part of the changes, Pentium G series CPUs will be renamed to Pentium Gold followed by their original model numbers. The Pentium G4560 was ranked as one of the best budget CPUs earlier this year.

New badges, packaging, and regulatory markings will start to appear between now and November. Some of the changes are now live on Intel's product page. 

All Kaby Lake Pentiums are affected by the changes. No specifications or architectural modifications have been made to the CPUs.

Changes to the retail packaging are very minimal. The only alteration to the front of the box is the small title. The side of the box also receives the same treatment to reflect the new Pentium Gold branding.

Following Intel's naming scheme for Xeon processors, the addition of silver and bronze models is a possibility. The Pentium N5000 Gemini Lake series chip could be the first Pentium Silver CPU to hit the market, spotted earlier this year on SiSoftware's Sandra benchmark results.