Recently, Amazon's Echo Show smart speaker (the company's first Echo with a screen) had its built-in YouTube app removed by Google. The search engine giant cited poor app implementation on Amazon's part and a "broken user experience" as their primary motivations behind the move but with the company reportedly developing their own Show competitor (codenamed "Manhattan"), there could be more to the story.

This mystery device will supposedly include many of the same features the Show already has (including YouTube playback) while also acting as a smart home hub for various smart home devices.

Regardless of Google's reasoning behind the decision, YouTube's removal hasn't sat well with a large portion of Show users, many of whom have taken to the device's reviews section on Amazon to vent their frustration.

In what could be seen as an attempt to pull in more potential customers following the app's removal, Amazon has temporarily slashed the device's price down to $200 from $230. This is a nice gesture but it might not be a significant enough price reduction to sway future customers (and it does nothing to ease the concerns of existing Show owners).

Indeed, with the current lack of YouTube integration, Amazon's new $99 2nd-gen Echo could prove to be a much more appealing choice for potential smart speaker owners.

According to the Show's Amazon store page, this price cut is a "limited-time offer" as part of the company's fall sale but there's no word on when it's set to expire.