If you remember, I wrote an article back in September about parental controls for iOS. I focused on that (outside of the fact that it was iPhone tip week) because my daughter has an iPad. Apart from that, the only other tech my daughter has is a five-year-old HP Pavilion for schoolwork.

Allowing children to use technology (smartphones and tablets in particular) can be a bit contentious among some parents. While I personally won't allow my daughter to have a phone until she's nearly a teenager, other parents flat out ban screens. Microsoft founder Bill Gates and his wife didn't allow their children to have a mobile phone until age 14.

A 2015 study from the University of Iowa found that by age two, 90 percent of the children examined had a moderate ability to use a tablet (half of them could use an iPad by age one). Clearly, children have a massive aptitude for learning technology quickly.

The problem for parents then becomes how to manage screen time in order to prevent addiction. That leads to this week's question: What tech do your kids have and how early would you expose them to it?