We create new files every day, and while it's important to back them up, ensuring that your backups are also secure is critical with cyberattacks growing more frequent by the day. That's where SpiderOak ONE comes in handy. Combining top-tier encryption with generous cloud storage, SpiderOak ONE lets you backup a whole terabyte of your precious files using end-to-end encryption.

With a 1-year subscription to SpiderOak ONE, you'll be able to tap into a whole terabyte of cloud storage space to back up your files and keep them safe from data loss and ransomware. You can seamlessly sync data between all of your devices, regardless of operating system, and tap into SpiderOak's recovery feature to restore your data in the event of a crash.

What's more, SpiderOak ONE holds your privacy paramount by maintainng no knowledge of your password, any data stored on their servers, or the metadata associated with your files.

With the current deal you can sign up for a 1-year plan to SpiderOak on sale for $39.99, nearly 70 percent off the normal price.

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