With all the commotion around the launch of the iPhone 8 and announcement of the iPhone X, other changes have gone largely unnoticed. Apple has now discontinued the offering of the 256 GB iPhone 7. Users wishing for large amounts of internal storage can only opt for the iPhone 8 or iPhone X if purchasing a device directly from Apple.

Following rumors of the iPhone 7 outselling the iPhone 8, it is of little surprise that Apple would like to encourage customers to buy the newest generation. Although, some carriers such as Verizon still have the iPhone 7 available in stores with 256GB of internal storage. If you are interested in picking up an iPhone 7 with the highest capacity option, you should probably do so soon if you do not want to buy a more expensive iPhone or make the jump to Android.

Aside from internal upgrades to the iPhone 8, there is not a very compelling reason to make the upgrade. Most users will not see a difference worth the cost of the newest generation of iPhones. However, for users hanging on to iPhones that are a few years old, it is certainly worth looking at an upgrade option. Apple's recent reduction in orders for the iPhone 8 speak loudly for how consumers are reacting to the newest offering.

The iPhone X will be available for pre-order on October 27, with the first deliveries of the phone to consumers expected around November 3.