Even though the GTX 1070 Ti just launched, it will not be the last Pascal GPU from Nvidia. In a tweet from Nvidia's GeForce division, a teaser clip has been shared. Although there is no accompanying information, it is discernible that the graphics card displayed has Titan X Collector's Edition emblazoned on the shroud.

While many of us have been left scratching our heads as to who exactly should buy the GTX 1070 Ti, a Titan X Collector's Edition has a more well-defined target demographic. Users looking for build aesthetics without compromising performance could appreciate the new graphics card. Many enthusiasts are willing to shell out extra money to give their system the exact look desired.

Some responses to Nvidia's tweet speculate that this could be a dual GPU version of a Founders Edition GTX Titan but that is fairly outlandish considering that SLI setups are not receiving much attention from game developers. If the GTX 1070 Ti is anything to go off of, expect to see a Titan with very similar specs to existing cards but with minor modifications to attempt to justify an even more premium price point.

For the time being, Nvidia has not made any announcements regarding when its Volta architecture will be coming to consumer grade graphics cards. Back in August, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang stated that Pascal would not be superseded by Volta anytime soon.