A dedicated Nintendo enthusiast who goes by the handle Skelux is reconstructing and collecting old Flash mini-games that the company used to promote its upcoming releases. The games date as far back as 1999 and include titles such as Dr. Mario, Metroid Prime and Donkey Kong Country. Keep in mind, these are not Flash versions of those properties but are simple games for promotional purposes only.

Skelux began collecting the files for the games using The Wayback Machine to comb through the Internet Archive for them. He has currently gathered 17 single-file Flash games and has published them on his website, Origami64. He also has 31 multi-file website games posted but only about half of them are complete; the rest are missing files. Skelux is so dedicated to restoring these long-lost gems that he has even offered a $50 bounty to anyone who can find the pieces he is missing.

"So far only one person has received the $50 bounty I'm offering per game, so I still have a pretty good budget left if you can find any of these ancient relics."

Some of the games are quite novel and fun. I enjoyed playing the Metroid Prime promo for GameCube. The game gives you a visor used to scan the environment for different pieces of Samus' suit and other power-ups. Some of the items in each area cannot be picked up unless you have other parts of the suit, forcing you to explore different areas on the map.

Again, these are little games that were only used to tease the titles they were promoting, so playability is limited with little to no replay value. If nothing else, they are a nostalgic look back at early Internet marketing. Remember, back in 1999, these types of browser distractions were new and effectively served as a useful promotional mechanism to get players excited about upcoming releases. I think it's great that someone is attempting to preserve this little chunk of Internet history.