Twitter has never been a particularly convenient place to hold lengthy conversations, primarily a result of the platform's 140-character tweet limit. Though most Twitter users have long since adapted to expressing their thoughts in a more concise manner, the social media giant clearly feels there's room for improvement.

Back in September, Twitter began testing an expanded character limit for tweets, raising the cap from 140 characters to 280 characters for a few select users. Despite this relatively small test group, it's a move that has attracted its fair share of debate and controversy.

But even the most ardent 280-character-tweet defenders will likely agree that the ability to send out a 35,000-character tweet might be pushing the envelope just a bit. Regardless, that's precisely what two German Twitter users did recently.

The users in question – Timrasett and HackneyYT – reportedly worked together to find an exploit that allowed them to send out 35,000 characters of nonsensical letters and numbers, effectively shattering Twitter's existing character limits.

Though neither user has offered any details on the exact method they used to send out this monster tweet, some have speculated that the use of certain URL suffixes (such as .cc) is what allowed for the exploit.

Naturally, Twitter was quick to remove the tweet (though an archived version remains for the curious), fix the bug and temporarily ban both users. If the pair's latest tweets are anything to go by, though, even that won't stop them from trying to find similar bugs in the future.