Welcome to the season one finale of Upgrade My PC Please!, we made it!

On last week's episode we had five randomly selected computers in need of various upgrades and you voted Joshua’s Core 2 Quad rig the most worthy of receiving the proposed upgrades. So coming his way is a Ryzen 7 1700 processor, an Asus ROG Strix B350 motherboard and 8GBs of DDR4 memory.

Don’t forget to watch and participate each week by voting and commenting as that will place you in the running to win some cool prizes and that will be a global giveaway. Last week's readers/viewers winner from India took home an AOC gaming monitor. Now let’s check out Week 10's contenders...

  • Nicklas ‘Zer0’ from the United States
  • Ryan ‘Nucleardoom’ from Canada
  • Charles ‘Franken-Lien-Ator’ from Canada
  • JC ‘Deku’ from the United States
  • Andrew ‘ROG Beast’ from New Zealand

That's five very different PCs in need of upgrades. It’s now your job to tell us which is the most deserving of receiving our proposed upgrade package. To cast your vote please go to our forum poll. By signing up for the forums, commenting and voting you’ll also go in the running to win some cool prizes and that will be a global giveaway for the viewers.

Speaking of which, the readers/viewers' winner from episode 9 is Reckqr227. Congratulations! you have a Ryzen 5 1500X processors coming your way. Big thanks to AMD for providing this amazing prize and for all the CPUs they got us for our readers throughout the season.

Episode 10 concludes the first season on Upgrade My PC Please!. In next week's video we’ll be announcing the winner of the final episode's upgrade package along with the winner for voting and commenting. In this last round of comments please send in your suggestions of what you'd like to see improved in Season 2 (coming early next year) and what can make it better and more interesting to you.