YouTube will no longer support those in-video notifications that usually link to other videos, playlists or live streams. As of today, creators will no longer be able to add these spam-like ads to their videos. YouTubers who use these devices (usually for self-promotion) will likely be the only ones disappointed by the change.

According to YouTube, they are not very effective and users surveyed say the notifications feel like spam. Only about five percent of users even click on the links. So despite how Tubers might feel about it, the removal will have little impact on their viewership.

YouTube says cards and end-screens are far more effective and will remain. Guidelines still want third-party links listed in the video descriptions or elsewhere on the user's channel.

"Even worse, for the small percentage of users who do click on the link, they're often taken to a live stream that no longer exists."

The change doesn't just apply to future videos on the platform, either. Any current content that has these pop-ups will lose them. The removal of existing recommendations might cause some confusing moments in current videos since many content creators are fond of referring to them as they talk.

This change is just one of several that YouTube has been implementing over the last several weeks with its various properties.

Last month, the platform began rolling out its YouTube TV app on smart televisions and Android TV devices. The YouTube for Kids app was updated last week with a bunch of new features but received considerable criticism due to some mature content getting through its filters. The company has also updated the standard version of its app and website to show upcoming concert dates on music videos and provide links for purchasing tickets.