Microsoft on Wednesday said 600 million devices are now running Windows 10. It’s Microsoft’s second OS statistics update of the year – in May, the company confirmed its latest operating system was installed on 500 million devices.

CEO Satya Nadella revealed the figure during Microsoft’s annual shareholders meeting on Wednesday according to a report from GeekWire.

It’s worth noting that the new figure, as with earlier updates, encompasses all sorts of devices running Windows 10 – from PCs and tablets to HoloLens headsets, Xbox One consoles and Surface Hubs – that have been “active” within the past 28 days.

Microsoft originally intended to get Windows 10 installed on one billion devices by 2018. A year after launch, however, Microsoft conceded that its goal was a bit too ambitious and that it would take longer than anticipated to reach the milestone. Just how much longer it’ll take, however, is unknown.

Installations have slowed considerably ever since Microsoft halted its free upgrade offer and things are expected to slow even more once an accessibility “loophole” is closed next month. Microsoft also pulled the plug on Windows Phone earlier this year, further limiting opportunities to get Windows 10 installed on devices.

Microsoft additionally revealed during its shareholders meeting that it would be expanding its board to 14 people, the largest number in the company’s history. Nadella and crew also recently announced plans to renovate Microsoft's Redmond-based campus as part of a multi-year project.

Second image courtesy Jake Bullinger