How do you make an already excellent smartphone even better? You release a limited edition Star Wars version, that's how. It's something that OnePlus is doing with its OnePlus 5T handset. The Phone's set to launch as an Amazon exclusive in India on December 14, one day before Star Wars: The Last Jedi gets its worldwide release.

Following the Lava Red version of the handset that launched in China last month, OnePlus is set to introduce another special edition of its critically acclaimed OnePlus 5T. This time, it comes with a Star Wars theme complete with a white back and red logo, red Alert Slider and black volume buttons, and possibly some customized software that matches the color scheme.

OnePlus wisely revealed the new OnePlus 5T at the Bengaluru Comic Con, which took place over the weekend. This would have ensured that many of the numerous Star Wars fans at the convention got to see the device.

A launch event for the phone is being held in Mumbai next Thursday. Tickets are available for 999 Rupees, or around $15.50. OnePlus said there's an extra "surprise" in store for those that attend.

We still don't know how much the Star Wars special edition handset will cost and, most importantly, if it will eventually be available in other countries. The OnePlus 5T has received mostly excellent reviews, starts at just $499, and offers the best fast-charging performance of any flagship. We chose it as the "Best Flagship for Less" in our Smartphone Guide.

Not all special edition handsets are quite as impressive as this Star Wars OnePlus 5T. In July, Huawei launched a KFC-themed limited-edition version of its Enjoy 7 Plus in China.