Late last month, it was revealed that one of the two people being sued by Epic Games for using cheats in its Fortnite Battle Royale game was a 14-year-old boy; a situation that led to an angry letter being sent to the court from his mother. Now, the studio has responded to her claims and settled with the other player.

In addition to arguing that there was no evidence he had modified the game, one of the mother’s main objections was that Epic violated Delaware laws by publicly naming her son. However, the company is claiming its innocence as it never knew he was a minor. "We did not violate Rule 5.2(a) or Local Civil Rule 17.2 because we did not know when we filed the papers that Defendant is a minor," states its letter to the court (via TorrentFreak).

Epic adds that even though the mother’s use of the child’s name in her letter could be taken as a waiver, it will stick to using only initials going forward. "We plan to include only Defendant's initials or redact his name entirely in all future filings with the Court," it said. Epic is seeking guidance on whether the current filing that uses his full name should be sealed, re-filed without his name, or left unchanged.

In the other case, against Charles Vraspir, a.k.a. “Joreallean,” Epic says he was banned nine times and is suspected of having written code for the cheats. The pair reached a settlement that forbids him from cheating in Fortnite or any of Epic’s other games. He is also prohibited from “creating, writing, developing, advertising, promoting, and/or distributing anything that infringes Epic’s works now or hereafter protected by any of Epic’s copyrights.”

If Vraspir violates the agreement, he will have to pay $5000. In all likelihood, a similar agreement will be reached with the 14-year-old.