Facebook for the third time in the last eight years has been rated by Glassdoor as the best place to work based on employee feedback.

The social media giant earned similar honors in 2011 and 2013. Aside from one stray year (2015) in which it ranked 13th, the company has finished no lower than 5th place. CEO Mark Zuckerberg, meanwhile, has ranked among the top 10 CEOs each of the last several years, placing first overall in 2013.

Facebook has earned a 4.6-star overall rating with 98 percent of reviewers approving of Zuckerberg. Furthermore, 93 percent of respondents would recommend Facebook to a friend.

For those curious, Bain & Company finished second overall in the best places to work category followed by Boston Consulting Group, In-N-Out Burger and Google. More than a quarter of the top 100 places to work are in the tech category.

Apple, a company that has finished no lower than 36th place since 2009, checked in at 84th this year. For comparison, Apple finished 36th last year (technically 2017), 25th in 2016 and 22nd in 2015. Its best showing was in 2012 with a 10th place finish. Apparently that new Spaceship campus isn't all that great?

Glassdoor has also published its Employees' Choice Award winners for Canada, France, the UK and Germany should you be interested in those.