For anyone trying to rant on Twitter, you know the 140 character (now 280) limit can make things difficult. How can you break up your post to fit within the limit but still keep them connected for your followers to read? Tweetstorms have been around since 2014 and were made famous by the "father of the tweetstorm" Marc Andreessen. This week Twitter is launching a new threads feature to make writing these tweetstorms a little easier.

The feature adds a new plus button in the bottom right corner of the tweet composer. This allows you to string the separate tweets together so they can be read as a single post. While writing your thread, simply push the button to add as many new tweets to your post as you want.

Twitter upped their character count to help people make it "easier to for what they're thinking into a Tweet" but that still didn't please everyone. They understood the need for people to "serialize" a longer idea or provide commentary of an event so that's where this new update comes in.

Twitter has had a long history of rolling out new features to reflect the wants of their users (albeit after a longer than ideal wait). Threads follow the retweet, the @ mention, and the hashtag as examples of this. They estimate there are hundreds of thousands of these such threads being tweeted out daily. They have known about the apparent need for this feature for years and finally decided to act on it.

Users can expect to see receive this feature in an update within the coming weeks.