Google has published its annual list of the top searches of 2017. The entries, spanning several categories including memes, losses, elections, actors and consumer tech, serve as an accurate summery of the people, products and events that defined a hectic year.

Hurricane Irma beat out both the iPhone 8 and iPhone X (in that order) in queries this year while on a global scale, people were also interested in learning more about Bitcoin, the Las Vegas shooting, North Korea and the solar eclipse.

In the consumer tech category, Apple's iPhone 8 and iPhone X topped the list followed by the Nintendo Switch, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Microsoft's Xbox One X. Global sporting events like Wimbledon, the Super Bowl and Mayweather vs. McGregor topped queries in that category while IT, Wonder Woman and Beauty and the Beast were among the most sought-after topics in the movies category.

2017 was a tough one for music lovers as Tom Petty, Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell were lost this year. Hugh Hefner, the cultural icon behind the Playboy empire, also made the list.

For a full rundown of top search terms across multiple categories, be sure to check out Google's top trends site.

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