T-Mobile has single-handedly revolutionized the wireless industry over the past few years thanks to its Un-carrier initiative. Now, the nation's third largest provider is turning its attention to a different industry in need of reform.

In the wake of a failed merger with Sprint, T-Mobile on Wednesday announced it will be "bringing the Un-carrier to TV" with the launch of a "disruptive" TV service in 2018. The service will be powered by Layer3 TV Inc., which T-Mobile announced today that it is acquiring.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere argues that Big Cable is a lot like the wireless industry was just a few years ago. They lock you into contracts for years, utilize outdated UIs and hold your viewing habits hostage then try to stuff as many services down your throat as possible. "Requiring a landline just to get a better price on cable? It's complete bullshit." Valid point, Legere.

Unfortunately, Legere didn't really delve into the specifics of the service or what will differentiate it from existing offerings. That's not surprising considering the deal with Layer3 won't close for another few weeks. Still, there are a few things we can hope for.

Aside from improved customer service and more overall value, T-Mobile could really change the game if it was somehow able to implement true a la carte pricing.

The idea of paying only for the channels you care about and being able to watch them whenever and wherever you want is incredibly appealing and could be a smash hit for T-Mobile. Unfortunately, even as big as T-Mobile is, I don't think they have the ability to influence the cable industry in such a manner. If Apple and others with deep pockets couldn't get it done, I don't really like T-Mobile's chances.

More information is expected when T-Mobile closes on its deal to buy Layer3 in the coming weeks.