Apple TV and Google Chromecast are among the most popular media streaming devices on the market despite the fact that they haven't been available through one of the web's most popular shopping destinations for quite some time.

In October 2015, Amazon halted sales of media streaming devices that didn't support Prime Video. The company said at the time that Prime Video had become a key part of their offering and that it was important for streaming devices they sell to interact well with Prime Video in order to "avoid customer confusion."

More than two years later, it seems Amazon is finally rethinking its strategy.

The e-commerce giant on Thursday confirmed with several publications that it is "assorting Apple TV and Chromecast," likely to begin accepting orders in the near future.

It's worth noting that there may be more factors at play here than initially meet the eye.

Google earlier this year removed the ability to play YouTube videos from Amazon's Echo Show smart home speaker. Support returned a few weeks later but Google again stepped in to intervene. Amazon, meanwhile, stopped selling some of Nest's products on its site. A YouTube spokesperson earlier this month said the lack of reciprocity prompted them to stop supporting YouTube on Echo Show and Fire TV.

Given that Amazon is bringing Chromecast back to its store, it's possible that the dispute between the two companies has been settled and we'll see YouTube return to Amazon devices soon. Prime Video also recently came to Apple TV, hence why we're seeing it being added back to Amazon.